Orbit Teapot Small

Item Code - 907005
Barcode - 033805 95005 8
Dimensions - 190⨯115⨯130mm
Capacity - 55cl

These Orbit Teapots, by BIA, are stunningly classic and sophisticated items of whiteware. Available in three sizes and made from porcelain, they won't fail to impress! These BIA Orbit Teapots have been designed with a secure lid so that the teapot can be fully tilted to pour without the lid falling off, and they pour well without any dribble. These teapots also include a ceramic mesh at the beginning of the spout inside the pot to stop teabags becoming stuck up the spout.  There are three different sizes available as referenced below, and each BIA teapot is made of porcelain with a high quality glaze to finish.