Oriental Hobnail Teapot & 2 Cups Shojohi Red

Item Code - 407022G+727M
Barcode - 033805 72803 9
Dimensions - 180⨯140⨯120mm
Capacity - 75cl

This Oriental Teapot in vibrant red comes with a filter for the tea leaves and has a stunning elephant design projecting our of it! It comes gift boxed so is a perfect gift for green tea lovers!! Beautiful oriental-inspired teapots! They come with a filter within so the tea leaves can steep and be removed if and when you choose without having to attempt to fish them out!! Has a stunning tactile design, with a sturdy handle and comes with two matching red handle-less cups. Absolutely perfect for green tea! Made by BIA and unglazed to enhance the tactility of this stunning teapot!