Retro Lemonade Tumbler

Item Code - ART11116
Barcode - 635452 11116 7
Dimensions - 65⨯65⨯125mm
Capacity - 30cl

Quirky Retro Lemonade Tumbler is made from recycled glass! Colourful and funky design, this Lemonade glass is a great size for everyday drinking, especially of Lemonade!! Made entirely from recycled glass, this Lemonade Tumbler has a very Retro design upon it, making it highly fashionable!! Perfect as a gift for any friend or family to encourage them to drink lots of Lemonade, or indeed for yourself!! Also available in the Retro range is the Cola Tumbler, the Water Tumbler and the Water Bottle, the Milk Tumbler and the Milk Bottle! Made by Artland from recycled glass.