Set of 4 Simplicity Individual Trifle Bowls

Item Code - ART82009
Barcode - 635452 82009 0
Dimensions - 110⨯110⨯115mm
Capacity - 55cl

Beautifully classic Set of 4 Trifle Bowls in the Simplicity Range allows you to see all the layers of your trifle, or any other dessert, for a breath-taking presentation!! Great for individual portions! Comes in a great gift box so would be a great gift! If you like making trifles or fruit salads, then these mini footed small glass trifle bowls (set of 4) are the perfect individual serving accompaniment to our large glass trifle bowl! These small glass bowls are ideal for everyday use, and can also be used for a variety of different chilled desserts, or even prawn cocktails or cold soups.